Funding: Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK)

Seismic vulnarability assessment of buildings (SHAB)

In the context of a previous project assessments had been conducted on 40 individual buildings in the area of Cologne, which have been evaluated with regard to the significant seismic weaknesses. Besides the inspections of the buildings, also fragility curves have also been used for the evaluation. The fragility curves have been set up as a function of the significant building characteristics like year of construction, storey height, building material and terms of use. The realization of this succeeding project revealed that the development of a software tool would be reasonable, which can make the results of the project accessible to expert users and the public. The objective of the tool is that the user can insert the significant data of a building and the seismic load of its location and as a result, the software gives an estimation of the expected damage to the building in function of the influence of the location. The tool should be user-friendly so that it allows the building owners to carry out a fast and simple estimation of the seismic security of their buildings.