Stadium Mainz

Project: Wind load investigations for the stadium of FSV Mainz 05


In 2010 the old stadium of FSV Mainz was examined in our wind tunnel and a comprehensive evaluation of realistic wind loads was carried out. Although at that time the closely neighboring new building (the Coface Arena) was already completed, which was soon to become the home of the professional club, investigations of the old stadium were still necessary. The reason for this was the detection of cracks in the supporting structure of the main stand, which had to be evaluated by an expert and which made it necessary to develop a renovation concept. In the course of this, the question of the most realistic wind load data possible arose, so that the stability situation could be evaluated as precisely as possible.


The stadium and the immediately surrounding buildings were produced in the CWE’s model-making workshop. The roof of the main stand was equipped with opposite differential pressure measuring points to directly determine the acting net pressure coefficients. Based on the directional measurement of the pressure coefficients and a site-related assessment of the local wind climate, precise directional wind load data were finally provided for further expert evaluation.

The Bruchweg Stadium is the old stadium of the traditional Mainz club and is still used today – after successful renovation of the roof construction – for professional training and the regional games of the U23 and U19 teams.