Einheitsdenkmal in Düsseldorf

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of German unification, the so-called Unity Monument is erected in Düsseldorf. Creative Art Consulting Energy is planning the 30 m high structure. The tower-like work of art consists of three elements. The lower third is to be made of prestressed concrete. At the foundation the cross-section is square and ovalizes continuously up to a height of about 10 m. The upper two thirds
shall be made of steel. Between approx. 10 m and approx. 20 m the cross-section is an oval with prominent openings. Between approx. 20 m and approx. 30 m 2 oval-shaped shells are planned. The width of the structure increases with increasing height. The steel structure is to be encased with textile-reinforced concrete.

For the stability of the structure, the fluctuating wind load represents the essential load quantity; in particular, the dynamic reactions due to wind action must be given special consideration by the design. Due to the unusual geometry, the common standard methods do not offer loadable values for the static and dynamic wind loads. Therefore, wind tunnel tests were carried out against this background. Their execution and results are presented in the present report.